January 30, 2012

Rolls Royce - expands bespoke operation

Over 80% of new Rolls Royce 'Ghost' orders have been specially customised, by the luxury car firm, after purchase.

The dramatic increase in bespoke orders has resulted in a 50% increase in staff by the end of 2012 at Rolls  Royce Good Wood plant, its manufacturing facilities are also set to expand due to the increase in demand for customised vehicles.

Sales of the Rolls-Royce Phantom also increased in 2011.

International Monaco University sucess

The yearly cocktail party which gathers the mentors and mentees of the year as well as other master students and local business professionals, was held on Thursday 19th January at the Monte Carlo Bay in Monaco. 
88 graduate students, enrolled in the IUM masters programs and in the Monaco MBA, met top executives and entrepreneurs from various fields who wanted to be introduced to the current classes. Some of these entrepreneurs accepted to join the 2012 Mentors’ Club and to share their experience with one assigned student.
A unique opportunity for the IUM students to expand their business network and for these business executives to get a broad and accurate view of the IUM student body. 
The 2012 IUM Mentors` Club is composed of successful entrepreneurs and “business angels” as well as of top executives of prestigious finance institutions, of large multinational companies and famous luxury brands. 50% of the mentors live in Monaco, the other half comes from New York, Chicago, Tokyo, Singapore, Paris, Milan, Roma and London.
 Various backgrounds, diverse personalities, multiple nationalities…an interesting panel that looks like…the profile of the IUM students!
A big thank you goes to the managers of companies who have been supporting the Mentorship Program for many years:  Bank J Safra, UBS Wealth Management, HSBC, Triago, Moore Stephens, Faconnable, Bottega Veneta, Campari, Churchill Capital and Fendi.
Newcomers include: Tavira Securities, Boutsen Aviation, Nikko Asset Management, Julius Baer, Pasche Bank ,ENS Monaco… and CHARTWELL MAGAZINE amongst many.

We are delighted to be part of such an excellent program supporting young business people.

January 25, 2012

Dubai property market booms

More than Dh42.9 billion ($11.6bn) in property transactions were registered in the capital last year, the Abu Dhabi Municipality said.
Of that total, Dh3.7bn involved land sales and Dh39.1bn concerned mortgage transactions, it said. It did not offer historical comparisons. Registration dates do not necessarily reflect when the property was actually sold.
Municipality officials could not be reached for comment.
The volume of registered mortgage transactions peaked in August, when deals worth a total of Dh9.82bn were filed with the agency.
The lowest amount was Dh1.1bn, registered for last month.
October's figure of Dh4.38bn included a Dh367 million deal, the largest single mortgage transaction recorded in the year.
"Selling transactions" hit an all-time high of Dh917m last month, the Municipality said. The low point for sales transactions was July, when deals totalling Dh91m were registered.
More than 23,000 new homes are scheduled for completion in the capital this year, including 18,800 apartments.

January 24, 2012

World's most expensive pup

Big Splash, the pooch pictured above, has been named as the worlds' most expensive dog, selling recently for around $1.5million. There are thought to be only 20 left of the rare Red Tibetan Mastiff dogs left in Tibet.

Big Splash beats its' previous record holder "Yangtze River Number Two", who scooped the title in 2009 for around $675,000, who was also of the same breed.

Louis Vuitton polo bike...

Luxury brand Louis Vuitton have teamed up with polo bike players Hannes Hengst and Gregory Berbier to launch the ultimate polo bike. The bike oozes the high quality of craftsmanship that you would expect of a Louis Vuitton product and also pays homage to the LV logo.

Louis Vuitton are keeping hush on the price.. however it's expected to run into the thousands.

January 23, 2012

The art of charity...

Bruce Munro’s fundraising STAR-TURN
proves an exhilarating success at the Holburne Museum, Bath

On the night of 21st December 2011 with the support of friends and colleagues, Bruce Munro’s unusual Star-Turn installation was ridden and spun from nightfall until 4.30am.
The artist’s inventive fundraising event raised £5,500 for Help For Heroes on the shortest day – or longest night of the year.  Sponsored riders including a team of surgeons from Circle Bath Hospital, a regional marketing director from Bentley Motors, and some of Munro’s close friends who braved the deep mid-winter to raise funds for wounded soldiers.
The spinning Star-Turn illumination and its riders were protected under a geodesic dome, within the front garden of the Holburne Museum.

Twinkling T-lights twirled through the air, on the fantabulous mechanical armature spun by pedal-power. Mounted on brackets the diminutive candles spiralled and spun, creating mesmerising traces of light.

Special thanks to everyone that participated it was heartily appreciated.

January 12, 2012

Worlds latest 'Giga-yacht'

"A" is the worlds latest giga-yacht - yes a giga-yacht, that's even more super than a superyacht! Owned by Russian Billionaire Andrew Melnchenko, designed by Phillippe Stark, and an estimated $300m build cost "A" has the wow factor.
At 118m/394ft long you can hardly miss it, and with an usual design this yacht certainly stands out from the crowd. A boasts bomb proof class, 3 swimming pools on board, including one which can switch from fresh to salt water at the push of a button, room for 42 staff, and a fuel tank that costs an estimated $1m to fill (757,000 litres.)

January 11, 2012

The Spirit of Chartwell

The ship that will lead a fleet of 1,000 boats down the river Thames in a spectacular show of pageantry for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee has been named - and we are delighted to report it will be The Spirit of Chartwell.

An artist's impression of the Spirit of Chartwell has been released based on designs which will transform the current barge for the celebrations next year. 

The monarch and Prince Phillip will travel along the water in ornate thrones under a golden canopy. 

The luxury cruiser has been donated for the occasion by owner Phillip Morrell.

In a nod to the richly decorated royal vessels of the 17th and 18th centuries, the sides of the barge will be adorned with red drapes, while the Queen's cipher and a crown will be displayed on the bow.

The floral displays will feature a red, gold and purple colour scheme with flowers from the Queen's own gardens.


January 10, 2012

Fluffy ears... de la Renta Style

Oscar de la Renta has launched a super-luxe set of headphones - a surprise collaboration with Dr Dre and his 'Beats by Dre' collection.

The 'Beats' collection usually retails from around £175, however these de la Renta retail for £450 due to the fashionistas designer touch.

http://www.oscardelarenta.com/?folderId=/shoponline/newarrivals/#styleNumber=beats& - click here to buy

January 9, 2012

A 5 Star hotel & Christian Louboutin's....

The Trump International Hotel, New York, is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a very special 'Crystal Anniversary' package.

Starting on the 15th January, for $15,000 for 2 nights (available for a year), your package will include Cristal champagne, crystal jewellery and crystal encrusted 'Fifi' Christian Louboutin heels ... lets hope they still have our size.


January 5, 2012

Abramovich celebrates New Year's Eve in style

Roman Abramovich saw in the New Year with 400 friends at a party on is 70 acre estate. The party was estimated to cost in the region of £5m and even included a performance by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Guests at the event included Misha Barton, Rupert Murdoch and Marc Jacobs.

Many guests stayed on board Roman's super-yacht - the largest in the world at 536ft - which boasts two swimming pools, a helipad and a submarine.

Chartwell Magazine interview exclusive

Chartwell Magazine is delighted to announce that we had the pleasure of interviewing (before anybody else) Cooper Hefner , youngest son of Hugh Hefner, in his first ever UK media tour.
Coopers bio will be in the next edition of Chartwell Magazine, due out in March.