November 2, 2011

Gold Leaf lands in London

From the streets of London and bursting with individuality, comes Gold Leaf. The exclusive Made in GB fashion label exudes an authentic youthfulness that most designers spend years attempting to create. The brand came to life in the spring of 2011 with the ambitious vision of two determined students wishing to enter the world of high fashion.

The elegant complements of vintage luxury and the beauty of Mother Nature are the inspiration to the design team at Gold Leaf. After turning heads within the industry, Gold Leaf have been invited to showcase their designs under the spotlight of the final show in the series of Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model later this month to an audience of over 5 million on SKY 1. This privilege is reserved only for the best and is being directed by former fashion editor of Vogue UK and founder of Elle UK, Harriet Jagger.

With such an innovative team, Gold Leaf has ventured into new territories as sponsors and suppliers to the GB Telemark Ski Team and British racing talent, Melville McKee. With an interest in supporting young talent and building their brand, Gold Leaf will be producing 10 limited edition snow sport designs and a motorsport inspired design that are all made especially for these sportsmen and women. Door after door is being opened for these versatile designers and entrepreneurs and with a prestigious Scandinavian yacht maker as the latest corporation to identify the charm and flair of Gold Leaf, the label is already becoming international. Their first order has been placed by an exclusive designer boutique in Bahrain and Gold Leaf will soon be touching down in the fashion capitals of the world; Paris, New York and Shanghai for fashion shoots later this year.

Floating from an understated tree of style and sophistication, a Gold Leaf has well and truly landed!

Chartwell Magazine looks forward to the unveiling of Gold Leaf next week in London..