April 11, 2012

Yachting holidays...

The Yacht Week is a new yachting holiday company founded by two Swedish entrepreneurs who are opening up sailing holidays to new audiences and making them more accessible to holidaymakers who have never considered sailing before - much as skiing became popular in the 1970s. 
The Yacht Week, ideal for 20 - 38 year olds is making some of the world's untouched coastlines accessible to all. The Yacht Week consists of more than 700 boats of 38ft to 59ft for hire in Croatia, Greece, Italy (NEW July 2012) and British Virgin Islands. Customers can either crew themselves, or bring aboard a personal skipper to do the hard work. These skippers are supplied by The Yacht Week. Groups can either sail with the flotilla of 30 - 70 yachts or sail away on their own route. We draw up a programme of routes, places to explore, and on-shore parties along the way. Rates start from £400 per person per week.