February 11, 2013


The Original Ultra-Premium Tequila

Combining 140 years of experience with hard work, craftsmanship and a little sprinkling of luck, Herradura is the oldest and most respected pure agave tequila ever produced, winning numerous accolades year after year.

The Herradura family consists of four super-premium tequilas; Plata, Reposado, Añejo and Seleccion Suprema. Each embody individual qualities, producing four extremely different spirits, yet maintaining the high level of excellence that Herradura endorses:

Plata: Aged for 45 days to add hints of tangy citrus to a distinctly woody base, Herradura Plata is perfect for adding unparalleled pleasure to a margarita, or for simply sipping on its own -The Drink Shop and Selfridges, RRP £38.99

Reposado: Reposado literally translates as ‘rested’ and this tequila rests for 11 months in oak casks, giving it a deep copper colour and exceptionally smooth taste. Embodying notes of sweet agave, cinnamon and a hint of vanilla, Reposado’s full flavour finishes with a layer of underlying spice. RRP £32.20, Waitrose

Añejo: Barrelled for two years, this deliciously aged tequila boasts a deep amber colour and intense flavours, bursting with cooked agave and dried fruit. Spice, toasted oak and nutty notes also add to the complexity of this spirit. RRP £38.20, Waitrose

 Seleccion Suprema: Ageing for four years in oak gives this world–class tequila its amber colour and spectacular flavour blend of rose petals, vanilla and citrus with an amazing aroma and sweet cocoa–like finish. This is a tequila that should be savoured like a good whisky – one for the true spirit connoisseur. RRP £250, Selfridges

For the perfect Valentines Day drink try this sweet cocktail to tickle your partners tastebuds! 

50ml Herradura Plata Tequila
10ml fresh lime juice
10ml fresh lemon juice
15ml Herradura Agave Syrup
2 dashes of orange bitters
Sparkling water

Build & stir thoroughly then garnish with a lemon slice.