July 9, 2012

Celebrating gentleman Jim

When you think of rock and roll you instantly might think of someone like Ozzy Osbourne, famous for things he did on and off the stage, but someone of undeniable equal talent, was the late Jim Capaldi, who was sadly taken far too soon due to cancer.

You could say Jim had music in his blood, right from day one he was destined to perform, given that his family had a history with the music industry.

Jim was born on August 2, 1944, in Evesham, Worcestershire, to Italian immigrant parents Nick and Maria. And it was his father who first got the young Jim in to music, studying the piano, and singing. He then formed his first band at the young age of just fourteen, and he then was recording for Pye records with the Hellions.

Following on from his early days, Jim was clearly catching the eye, earning him rave reviews in a band called 'Deep Feeling' in which he shared with fllow Traffic founder Dave Mason & family founding member Poli Palmer.

Success kept on coming for Jim, and in the 60's he becamse a regular at the famous Birmingham nightclub 'The Elbow Room.' It was thanks to this success that the band Traffic was born. Traffic members were: Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood, Dave Mason and Chris Wood.

The group had incredible success in a multi-platinum career, but Jim was more than just a group man, also enjoying enormous success as a solo artist including making 11 albums that culminated in worldwide acclaim.

With worldwide success in his bands and as a solo artist, recognition doesn't get much bigger than being listed in the Rock & Roll hall of fame in March of 2004, an utterly massive honour for any rock star.

Jim then became ill, and sadly passed away in January of 2005 after a battle with cancer.

But Jim's world renowned status and legacy lives on, he, and indeed his music, will never be forgotten.

For more information on Jim's life, and his music, then please make sure you visit http://www.jimcapaldi.com/ to get a fantastic more insight in to the man that is Jim Capaldi.