July 10, 2012

Step into the world of Cirque du Sweet at Harrods

Step into the world of Cirque du Sweet, opening Saturday 14th July 2012.

Located within the new Toy Kingdom on the Third Floor, a magical candy haven awaits the sweet-toothed. Opening on Saturday 14th July, Cirque du Sweet is an interactive space that's set to provide a sensory experience for children and adults alike, with newly introduced exclusive concepts and products. Embark on a taste adventure with our traditional sweet shop or our Jelly Belly pick 'n' mix range, or experiment with something a little more adventurous, including...

The curious chocolate counter: Tantalise and trick the taste buds with Willy Wonka-esque combinations such as bubble gum-flavoured cookies, ice cream fondants, popcorn truffles and popping candy bombes. Handmade and finished by our expert team of chocolatiers, the range is also free from artificial colours and flavours.

Cirque du Sweet range: Taking inspiration from The Big Top, the circus-themed collection includes ginormours gobstoppers, magnificent gumballs, marvellous marshmallows and death-defying humbugs.

Papabubble: Exclusively available at Harrods, artisan candymakers Papabubble will offer customers a theatrical feast for the senses. Specialising in hard candy, Papabubble's ranges come in a variety of different colours, flavours, and shapes. All the candy is handcrafted by skilled candymakers, and customers can watch the entire process from the heating of the sugar to the shaping of the soft, colourful candy mixture. Pre-made, made-to-order and personalised sweets are available for weddings, birthdays and other occasions.

Patchino: Exclusively available at Harrods, imagination and innovation combine to give you delicious chocolates and fun toys. Prepared with premium ingredients, Patchino is a health-conscious chocolate brand that's made exclusively for children by renowned chocolate gift creator Patchi, and offers a variety of chocolate flavours packaged in colourful boxes and bags, together with exciting toys and games. Meet the entire lovable gang: Bonny the rabbit, Catty the cat, Doggy the dog, Dolmy the reindeer, Elly the elephant, Gerry the giraffe, Leony the lion, Timmy the tiger, and Zoey the zebra, through a wide range of products, varying from chocolate boxes and bags to tin boxes with a surprise gift inside, as well as gift toys, painting sets and plush toys accompanied by chocolates. Patchino present the ideal gifts from the wrapping paper to the goodies inside.

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