May 18, 2012

Banksy's new work is protected

As seen in our latest issue, Banksy could perhaps be the most famous, or infamous artist in the world. 

The graffiti artist's new image, on the side of Poundland in Whymark Avenue, near Turnpike Lane, London, depicts a young boy crouched over a sewing machine making Jubilee street party bunting. A plastic cover has been put over this latest work to protect it from damage. The painting could be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. In the past, graffiti by the elusive artist has caused house prices to dramatically rise. In 2008, a Portobello Road wall adorned with his name fetched £200,000 on eBay. No chances are being taken with the new work, which appeared on Monday.

On the 16th of May, in Melbourne, Australia, a worker destroyed a piece of Banksy artwork 'The Parachuting Rat' by drilling a hole right through it in order to install a pipe in a wall. Vandals have also damaged his work in the past and council workers, also in Melbourne, accidentally painted over another piece in 2010.