June 15, 2012

London's most expensive bicycle

Quite possibly the most lavish bicycle that's ever been built, this two wheeled masterpiece was the collabaration of jewellery designer Nicholas Fitch, of Nicholas James, and renowned leather designer, Simon Harcourt.
The idea came about with a mutual thinking of possibility and fascination. Fitch first thought of the idea when he saw an old bike hanging on the wall of Harcourt's Highgate studio, and some hard work later, The Brogue was born.
The bicycle features diamond-encrusted handlebars, a leather saddlebag, all culminating on a hardstitched leather Triumph 531 70's frame. Taking 8 weeks to build, the bike will be for sale at a price of £25,000.
And whilst we can't envisage Boris Johnson flying around London on one of these, it will be on display at Nicholas James' Hatton Garden show.

For more information, you can visit http://www.hatton-garden.net/