June 12, 2012

One of a kind

A piece of automotive history is currently available at Aston Martin's Park Lane showroom, the Aston Martin One-77. Not only has production been limited to an exclusive 77 models, but this particular car remains the only brand new unsold unit in the world.
But if that doesn't feel exclusive enough, the car is packed with £500,000 pounds worth of extras, including a custom paint job, custom wheels, custom exhaust tips and mirrors, and a custom interior, all excelling in every single fine detail.
The story behind these tailored extras are due to a middle east businessman who bought not one, but three One-77's. In the end he decided the two were enough, and decided not to complete the sale of the third.
So if you can spare a cool £1.4 million, this utter piece of exclusivity can be yours.

For more information on the car, visit http://www.stratstone.com/dealers/aston-martin-dealer-london-391.html