August 7, 2012

Jessica Zoob's Passion

Even though Jessica Zoob's exhibition at NEO Bankside has already ended, we were still so impressed we decided to share this with you. 

Having studied at the Central School of Art at Nottingham University and working 7 years as a theatre designer, Jessica Zoob has developed a distinctive and unique creative process, which is reflected in her body of work - layers of paint, which are scrapped back over weeks, months and years, with the final brave application of over-painting with glazes to transform their look and texture again in a matter of seconds.

Over 30 individual pieces of the Passion collection have been in the making for 3 years and thus excitement and praise from the public is far from unexpected. 

"...these paintings are the best she has ever produced. Electrifying, elemental and powerful..." (Helen Chislett, Art of England Magazine)

"Jessica Zoob creates abstract worlds in which the imagination can roam freely and pleasurably through deeply-layered, impressionistic landscapes." (Nicole Swengley, Financial Times)

Zoob's use of line, texture and colour recall the work of Gerhard Richter's abstract paintings and the poetic quality of Claude Monet's later works." (Leonie Irvine, Medici Gallery)