August 21, 2012

Vertu presents Signature Zirconium

Signature Zirconium

Vertu presents their new luxury phone Signature Zirconium, the latest edition to the Signature Collection. Vertu Signature Zirconium is one of the most highly crafted phones ever made - highly resistant to corrosion made from an extremely high performance material similar to Titanium, but harder and even more durable. What is more, Vertu introduced a new pillow ceramic, Silicon Nitride, known for its excellent resistance to shock and wear. Matt finish anthracite rubberised alligator skin beautifully encases the Signature Zirconium handset to enhance the overall look of the model. Zirconium can be found on many matt products from cars to sunglasses and Vertu has fully embraced this trend.

The ‘sea of sapphire’ matt anthracite coloured finish that makes up the screen of Signature takes more than two weeks to create in a 2000°C furnace. It is almost impossible to scratch and is so hard it can only be cut or scratched with a diamond.

Signature Zirconium back side
The superbly engineered battery cover release is operated by a D-ring. Extremely secure, yet easily released with your fingertips.  The ruby bearings slide on pure sapphire crystal surfaces that are aligned so that no part of the metal key touches the sapphire face of the phone. The result is no friction, no wear, and the world’s most satisfying click – a Signature trademark.

Hand-built in England, it is the first phone to be assembled by a single craftsman. This is a must have for any Vertu fan or simply for the lovers of true luxury.