August 9, 2012

The most expensive SUV for $1 million!

Feeling paranoid much? This is THE luxury car for you then. It combines the luxury of a RollsRoyce, the strength of a Hummer, safety of a military vehicle, equipment of James Bond's Aston Martin and on top of all uniqueness and speed of a Bugatti! This is PROMBROM by Dartz:

4 tons that can run 200 km/hour easily, 550 horsepower engine and 60 mm thick glass to protect you from anything as small as a bullet to something as big as a rocket grenade explosion. The luxury version's interior is entirely made from leather titanium and white gold. There are 6 cameras which constantly record every angle and send info to your security - if you are buying this car, you have security. This is indeed a purchase for the super rich and celebrities - no stalker nor assassin can do much against this luxury tank. "Only" $1,000,000 or $1,500,000 if you go for the MONACO RED DIAMOND edition, emblems made of diamonds and gold. 

No matter which edition you choose, you will get a complementary bottle or two of the worlds most expensive vodka RussoBaltique, which bottle is made out of pure silver and coated with gold. Just in case you need another silver-gold bottle in your collection...