August 22, 2012

Learn authentic espionage techniques

Today, wealthy individuals can learn the skills of James Bond and become masters of espionage. Secret  Me is an invitation-only programme, created by former Special Forces agents and those who understand luxury. It consists of 3 phases operating globally with individuals needing to complete each one successfully before being offered the chance to progress to the next stage. 

Phase 1 aka The Camp: clients are flown by private jet or helicopter to a private stately home somewhere in the UK and over the next three days elite instructors work them through the skills needed to progress to phase two.

Phase 2 aka Mission Training: transports clients to an exotic overseas location where, over a five-day period, the skills they have learnt are developed to a higher level and tested through initial scenarios.

Phase 3 or The Mission: taking place a few months after Phase 2. Participants are likely to be whisked to a secret location, board a luxury vessel and during an intriguing week-long "spy scenario", they put their learnt skills to work.

Skills acquired from ex-Special Forces or Agencies instructors: competency to use combat pistols, on-foot and mobile surveillance, art of disguise, psychology behind kidnap and escapology, cyber skills, threat recognition and elimination. On top of these there are soft skills taught by leaders in their fields such as seduction and persuasion, art of drinks and poisons, poker and hustling, and style and appearance. 

Secret Me is a unique opportunity for you too, to become James Bond.