November 23, 2012

£1 Million Kitchen

A UK based Italian interior designer and master craftsman Claudio Celiberti has unveiled the world’s most expensive kitchen ever created, with a price tag of a million pounds - The ‘Fiore di Cristallo’.

Handcrafted in Italy the opulent kitchen features only the best quality materials including the world famous ‘Crystal of Murano’ (cristallo di Murano). The process for making this crystal is a complex and closely guarded secret. The result is crystal that is of the highest quality, free of air bubbles, smudges and impurities.

The bespoke kitchen includes a host of ultra-luxurious finishes including cabinets lined with solid copper, a mineral acknowledged for its hygienic qualities as it inactivates harmful microbes. Each of the 27 cabinets also have a 9mm crystal door handle, carefully made to an intricate and bespoke template.  In addition the kitchen features a crystal island, a stone worktop, a crystal basin and Philip Starck taps, chrome clad in crystal.

The centre piece of the kitchen is a modern yet elegant Swarovski Crystal and cristallo di Murano chandelier designed by Claudio Celiberti. The one million pound price tag also includes handcrafted appliances from Gaggenau.  The specialist German company has a history that goes back more than 300 years.

The ‘Fiore di Cristallo’ is the only model currently available in the whole of the world.  Anyone wishing to create their own ‘Crystal of Murano’ kitchen with Claudio, either to a similar specification, or completely tailored to their needs, will need to join a waiting list of up to eight months due to the highly skilled level of craftsmanship required from start to finish.