November 1, 2012

Return of the Soda Syphon

Munich based Siphon Manufaktur restore original Sparklets Soda Siphons by hand. These sleek and elegant seltzer bottles were hand-manufactured during the 1930s - from glass mouth-blown in former Czechoslovakia and assembled in Manhattan and London. 

The dedication to quality and longevity applied in the production process far exceeds that of any similar product available today. Siphon Manufaktur provides their customers with the most exclusive experience of creating and enjoying Soda-Water, which is particularly fine and smooth. This is why it is still many professional barkeepers' first choice when it comes to preparing exquisite soda-based cocktails and drinks. The Sparklets Soda Siphons are currently most popular among exclusive bars in Munich & Berlin, but are entering the UK  and US markets as well.

Every Soda Siphon comes with its own sealed wooden box, a certificate and a 5 year warranty. The small atelier-style firm distributes their one of a kind, hand restored Soda Siphons in limited numbers through their website. Each sample is featured with a high-res photo for customers to choose from. Truly an amazing addition to your home bar or a great accessory for every mixologist.