December 20, 2012

Hartnett Holder & Co. at Limewood Hotel

“Fine dining and big plates are banned” declareth Robin Hutson when briefing Martin Brudnizki on the new dining space at Lime Wood.  Here in the New Forest, formality and stiffness are out, relaxed and informal are in, something for which Lime Wood is already widely recognised.  So who better than Martin to redesign the new dining space, Hartnett Holder & Co, which opens on Monday 11th February, 2013. 

Luke Holder, Lime Wood’s head chef, with Angela Hartnett and their team, will be creating ‘chefs’ home-cooked food, not chefs’ food cooked for restaurants.’ Hartnett Holder & Co is where guests will come to relax and unwind.  Martin’s design compliments the chefs’ ethos by introducing a range of patterned textured fabrics, including rough linens, mohair velvets and aged leathers.  Chairs and sofas will sit at a lower height allowing guests to sink back and enjoytheir laid back surroundings.

The restaurant will have a central bar, which will bring some of the drama out of the kitchen, so that guests can absorb the preparation theatre going on before their eyes.  Meats will hang from a wine gantry, while a meat slicer and coffee machine sit in pride of place on the bar, a gentle reminder of Hartnett and Holder’s Italian influences.