December 18, 2012

Three-year reign at The Dorchester

Bruno Do Nascimento, Facundo Gallegos and Stefano Cossio
For three years running, the team of skilled and experienced bartenders at The Bar at The Dorchester have secured the winning title at the annual National Championship Cocktail Competition, supplying the nation's champion bartender - and subsequently the UK representative - at the Bartenders Guild Global Cocktail Competition, which follows shortly after.

Beginning with Stefano Cossio who went on to represent the UK in Singapore in 2010, to Bruno Do Nascimento who competed in Poland in 2011, and Facundo Gallegos, who has only recently returned from his trip to Beijing, where he represented the UK this October. 

All three have trained under Giuliano Morndin, the incredibly well-respected bar manager at The Dorchester. Such is the respect and camaradie of the team that the combined years they have all worked together exceeds 100 years.