October 4, 2012

Baroque at Playboy Club Launch Party

Gerry Calabrese & AmyMolyneaux
Tuesday 2nd October, saw the much anticipated opening of new Mayfair venue, Baroque, the brainchild of esteemed entrepreneur Gerry Calabrese (of Hoxton Pony and Hoxton Gin acclaim.) Guests enjoyed live performances from award winning acts Mark Ronson, Delilah, and Dimitri from Paris. Olivia Grant, Simon Ambrose, Percy Parker and Amy Molyneaux were amongst those who came to celebrate the exciting launch.
The opulence and showmanship that is associated with the Baroque movement was brought vividly to life last night, as Gerry Calabrese's latest offering opened its doors for the first time. Complete with a lavish decor of ornate Louis XIV chairs, hanging paintings, and designer uniforms by fashion icons PPQ;  Baroque lived up to its name, as guests took in the sheer luxury of the venue.
Mark Ronson & Josephine De La Baume
Offering one of the most impressive champagne lists in Europe, and a live performance space that promises to be regularly filled with world-class acts, Baroque announced itself on the London scene.  Amidst the trademark 42- glass champagne coupette towers, famous faces including Josephine De La Baume and Olivia Grant enjoyed the live music played by some of the UK's hottest acts right now.