October 19, 2012

Le Meurice and Dali

The ‘Dali Package’ at Le Meurice commemorates the hotel’s connection with the esteemed surrealist painter alongside its celebratory year of anniversaries. And with the opening of the Dali Exhibition at the George Pompidou Centre this November the timing is surreally perfect.

This year, the Parisian Palace hotel celebrates three 5th anniversaries having been five years since the start of Le Meurice Prize for Contemporary Art, five years since Restaurant Le Meurice was awarded three Michelin stars, and five years since Philippe Starck’s surrealism inspired redesign of the lobby and Le Dali restaurant.

With the various surrealist elements within Le Meurice and as Dali’s Paris hotel of choice, spending up to six months a year there, Le Meurice celebrates this year in honour of their infamous guest offering a three night stay with five Dali delicacies including:
  • 2 tickets to the Dali exhibition at the George Pompidou Centre
  • Lunch for 2 at Le Dali
  • 2 cocktails 'Gala' and 'Dali' at Bar 228
  • a book on Salvador Dali 
  • 2 specially created male and female Dali fragrances