October 1, 2012

Vertu and Italia Independent launch Constellation Blue

Constellation Quest Blue - qwerty
Vertu and creative brand Italian Independent announce the launch of a unique handset collection, “Constellation Blue”. The Constellation Blue collection comprises of two distinctive models, Constellation Quest Blue, the qwerty smartphone edition, limited to 77 handsets and Constellation Blue, Vertu’s touch smartphone, limited to 777 handsets.  For the Constellation Blue Collection, Vertu introduces a number of innovative performance materials, never before used by Vertu. The handsets have been handcrafted from polished ultra-hard blue pvd stainless steel, blue carbon fibre composite, blue metallic sapphire crystal keys as well as two-tone blue rubberised leather.  Each handset from the Constellation Blue Collection is built by just one craftsman in Vertu’s headquarters in England.
Constellation Quest Blue - touch screen
A truly co-developed product, the collection is inspired by the purity and simple elegance of the colour blue.  Lapo Elkann said: “I have a great love and passion for the sea. Blue has been the colour of my life. Using blue as the theme for this unique design collaboration seemed therefore natural to me.” Blue has become the very soul of this product and Vertu has made no compromises in delivering the spirit of Italia Independent to every element of the handset. The result is a unique handset collection reflecting Lapo’s ultimate style and unique personality.