October 2, 2012

VIP Lounge Service at Heathrow

London's Heathrow has opened its VIP suites to passengers arriving to the airport with the promise of securing luxury brands to add to the experience. These suites used to be reserved for royalty, heads of state and diplomats; now they are targeted towards high-net-worth individuals for a premium service, labeled Heathrow by Invitation.
Heathrow by Invitation enables the users the exclusive use of the VIP suites and the privacy these offer.  Offerings include curbside drop-off and pick-up point and exclusive terminal entrance, a luxury private suite with VIP handlers taking care of check-in, luggage drop-off, customs and passport control, and a dedicated private security search area. Among the other pamperings are a limousine service to and from the passengers’ private suite directly to the airplane’s steps, a private suite to host meetings for up to six flyers and non-flyers before boarding the flight, and the pickup and delivery of arriving bags directly to the VIPs.
Convenience and customization are the key. The way to get a sense of this VIP service is to watch the following video: