September 10, 2012

Breakfree Retreats with Deborah Morgan

A brilliant idea indeed from the health and weight-loss guru Deborah Morgan - Breakfree Retreats, where you can loose all that unwanted weight in a luxurious and peaceful environment of Mallorca.  Not a strict, strenuous bootcamp, or a daunting detox, Breakfree Retreats ultimately allows you to relax and do what it is eponymously and simply called: Break Free.
In the intimate environment of a private villa, guests get to relax and enjoy yoga classes, meditation, massages, personal training sessions, 2 large swimming pools and a lot of outdoor activities. What is more important for the weight-loss goal of the program, there are cognitive hypnosis sessions to remove unwanted habits and implement new healthy ones, goal setting and life management strategies classes and daily mentoring sessions with Deborah Morgan herself. 

This juice only retreat gives you the kick-start you need to get on track to reach your personal goals. Delicious, filling smoothies and juices are lovingly prepared using fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables. The break from food also helps your body to cleanse and heal on a cellular level and gives you the ‘mind-space’ to free yourself from unwanted habits and self-sabotage patterns. Food is gradually re-introduced into your programme towards the end of the week.

With Breakfree Retreats, you can lose on average 7-12lbs in a week, sometimes more. For those who do not need to lose weight, you will notice an incredible increase in energy levels, health and vitality – in short, an M.O.T for your mind and body.
The first breaks take place from 15th- 22nd September and from 22nd-29th September 2012 and continue throughout.