September 19, 2012

Limited Edition Appleton 50 Year Old Rum

Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum has launched the world's oldest rum, Appleton Estate 50 Year Old Jamaica Independence Reserve. The limited edition golden rum was released in this August to mark the 50 years of Jamaican independence. It is encased in a hand crafted crystal decanter and only 800 bottles have been released, making each £3,500 bottle a special addition to any drink connoisseur's collection.
Appleton Estate 50 Year Old Jamaica Independence Reserve is a hand blended and exceptionally smooth, deep mahogany rum that will excite the most sophisticated of palates. Its powerful notes of oak, vanilla, cinnamon and maple resonate with distinctive hint of orange peel - the hallmark of all Appleton Estate Jamaican Rums. 
Award-winning mixologist and Appleton Estate brand ambassador, Jamie MacDonald says, "This is undoubtedly Appleton Estate's most exceptional spirit to date. From the rich coppery reflections in the liquid to the intense flavours and the smooth honeyed finish, it is truly a master-class in the art of rum."