September 24, 2012

Grey Goose - Taste by Appointment

If taste is a science, then flavour is an art form and Grey Goose has exquisitely mastered both for its Taste by Appointment event. Chartwell were cordially invited to just one of the events being held across London at Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen, an understated venue that works a certain industrial chic. Greeted upon arrival by a Grey Goose Le Fizz concoction to cleanse the palette before the taste tests, also offered round were a selection of canap├ęs to represent the five different areas of taste. Joe from Grey Goose, an enthused and passionate bartender spoke to the room in fantastic detail about the research that the brand have been doing with the Reading University Taste institute to really understand the experience of taste, aroma and flavour. Once the room had participated in a blind experiment to demonstrate taste, trolleys were brought out with Grey Goose Original, La Poire and L’Orange as well as a host of other popular and unusual mixers and guests were invited to experiment with different mixtures to find their taste. All these experiments culminated in the crown of the evening, the personal, bespoke Grey Goose cocktail. The dapper Joe who had spoken so passionately about the sensation of taste mixed each guest his or her own unique cocktail specifically taking into account their preferences and their usual drink of choice. The outcome for Chartwell was exquisite with Joe creating a Grey Goose and ginger ale cocktail with coriander, fresh ginger and ground black pepper muddled in as well as a dash of white grapefruit juice and a host of other finishing touches. A cocktail that suitably reflected the evening with Grey Goose: refreshing, unusual yet unsurprisingly refined.
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By Maddie Saunders - guest blogging for Chartwell Magazine.