September 27, 2012

Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize Cocktails

Dorchester Collection is a portfolio of the world's foremost luxury hotels in Europe and the USA. One of the most known are: The Dorchester (London), The Beverly Hills Hotel (Los Angeles), Le Meurice (Paris), Hotel Plaza Athenee (Paris) and Hotel Principe di Savoia (Milan). (See link for entire collection)

Every year Dorchester Collection shortlists 5 talented designers for Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize, where each of the 5 designers is paired with one of the iconic hotels to create a cocktail representing the spirit of designers' work and Dorchester Collection hotel, represented by the bar directors and managers. They produce a limited edition Fashion Prize cocktail menu, which will be available during the upcoming fashion season in Europe from 6 September to 3 October 2012 at 45 Park Lane in London, Hotel Principe di Savoia, Le Meurice, Plaza Athenee and Le Richemond in Geneva.

Featured cocktails:

Inspired by Calla Haynes’ colourful collection, Daniele Confalonieri of Hotel Principe di Savoia mixed the ‘Milanese Calla-pirinha’ - an orange-hued cocktail with a cinnamon stick, a sprinkle of saffron, white crushed ice and limes to add a touch of green.

After seeing the experimental design style of IRM Design, Thierry Hernandez, of Hôtel Plaza Athénée, conceived ‘IRM Cocktail’ composed of three shots of rum, sake and vodka, presented with three different pipettes containing iris (I), rose (R), and mint (M) essences. With the simplicity of the alcoholic base, the pipettes add colour to mirror the running paint effect used by IRM Design.

Annelie Augustin and Odély Teboul joined forces with Stefano Cossio of Bar 45 at 45 Park Lane to create ‘Black Velvet’, a tequila-based cocktail with blackberries, thyme honey, crème de cassis and lime juice, indicative of the designers’ sophisticated and dark designs.

With a collection evoking the famous prohibition era of the 1920s, designer Quentin Veron paired up with Le Richemond’s bar team to devise ‘Black Southside’. This gin based cocktail with blackberries and cherry syrup will take guests back to the early 20th century speakeasy clubs of North America.

Emphasising the recurrence of black within their electrifying collection, Les Garcons’s Louis Gerin and Gregory Lamaud collaborated with Le Meurice’s William Oliveri and created ‘Nuit Noire’, a blueberry vodka based drink with blackberry liqueur.